Printing & Ordering with

  • Printing turnaround time can be 3-7+ working days. We are always busy with print orders, so if you need an order urgently it's best to contact us BEFORE placing an order

  • All our Printed Kids Hi Vis pack deals are based on having a 1 colour text or basic 1 colour logo print onto the back of each vest. If you require multi-colour printed logos, more than 1 logo per garment or orders over 50+ items please call us BEFORE placing an order.

  • We also do not print onto the front of the kids vests because the print area is too small for it to be effective, readable or worthwhile.


  • Choose a number of printed hi vis vests. We supply printed vests from 3 - 50+. If you require amounts that are not in multiples of 5s (17 printed vests for example), or for orders of 50+ plus vests please contact us.

  • Choose the size you require. If you require an order of mixed sizes, choose the 'mixed' option under the 'Size' drop-down menu which is situated between the price & quantity options.

  • There is no facility on this website to upload artwork or logos for your order. There is a text box at the bottom of the Checkout page where you can type in any mixed sizes you need, and the printed text you would like. if you need a logo printed it's always best for us to see it first to confirm we can print it before placing your order.

  • Printing: Once the order is placed we will contact you to supply us with the vest sizes, required text or logo if you did not enter this info into the text box during Checkout.


If you are unsure about the amount of text we can fit on a vest, your single colour logo quality, sizing, filetype (we can work with most filetypes apart from Word or similar files), or think you might require multi-colour printing please contact us BEFORE placing an order!

The printing method we use is permanent garment film. Think of the printing process similar to cutting out a stencil - This means we cannot print fades, from black to white for example, for 1 colour printing jobs. Please bear this in mind before you place an order - If in doubt please call us on: 01257 421399

Custom Printing & Full Colour Logo Printing Orders

If your require more than single colour text/logo printing, or need more than one logo printed onto your hi vis vests please contact us. Multicolour printing is available for both small and larger orders, depending on the complexity of your requirements - as always please contact us for more info and a quote - we can give same-day quotes in almost all cases.